What is it?

Narrative: Web3 social is a social platform for Web3 communities.

GM is the async communication hub for scaling Web3 communities. PTSD from Discord, Telegram, Signal members, channels, chats, notificaitons.

How does it work ?

GM borrows Reddit's sub-reddit and thread model... With

  • Wallet sign-in
  • Verified PFP's
  • NFT Portfolio
  • Gated communities based on assets such as DAO tokens or NFT's

Why it's important ?

Web3 communities need a solution now.

PTSD research on discord notifications or something similar

Current state is:

  1. can't synthesize info from 10's/100's of discord/telegram/signal chats
  2. it's so distracting
  3. impossible to go back in time to previous info
  4. bots dominate chat channels

Why can't Reddit copy GM?

They could... Keyword could

  1. Reddit's been playing with Web3 utilities for some time - they have x, y, and z. GM started in August 2022 and has a b c x y z. The Web2 monopolies can't move as fast!
  2. Reddit can't!

GM current & future state

Current: building Web3 utilities in a Web2 app based on web2 architecture

  1. Web 2 architecture is faster to build on
  2. It's more important to have a good application & many users rather than a decentralized app & no users

GM future state

crypto native social

  • you're at an ETH conference and want to connect with people there. Open your DM's only to users with the conference POAP
  • you have a massive following, open your DM's for $10 a chat

end to end DAO tooling

What does a DAO need?

  • Async chat ()
  • tokens (e.g. ERC 20/721/1115??)
  • governance (e.g. )
  • fund raising (e.g. )

end to end community management

What does a decentralized community need?

  • tangible incentives and rewards
    • most valuable contributors / contributions
    • who's inviting users, how engaged are their users
    • who's making posts, how engaged/popular are their posts
    • how can we compensate those community members (Have a look at Friends With Benefits)

Paint a picture for me...

Power to the people! Blogging =>

  • Medium

  • Substack


    • Medium owns the content, the platform, owns the newsletter, and charges me $70 a year to publish. Users need to spend $70 a year to read. $$ received = none.
    • Substack free platform for writing and publishing newsletters. Enables writers to charge a subscription
    • enables users to issue NFT's of their posts to purchase content. Writers can charge followers, writers can crowdfund new content they want to write

How Web3 is it?

GM's built on Web2 infrastructure, currrent focus is building something people love rather than building decentralzied something people don't want.

  • decentralized
  • open
  • composable

Further research

  • Balaji/Naval talking about a social media backend that anyone can read or write to
  • Users
  • progressive decentralization

Why GM is different to Lens


  • platform for web3 communities
  • WHere it's headed

what is it?

  • decentralized social media