My Personal Website

Personal Website


  • About
  • Portfolio
  • Blog (Markdown preferrably)
  • Docs page for personal notes
  • Site search (optional but helpful)
  • Dark mode (optional but cool)
  • TailwindCSS (optional but helpful)
  • Tech: React & NextJS preferrably


There's a ton of static site builders - gatsby, hugo, jekyll, docusaurus, etc. I wanted static site because I wanted to host it myself, send people to my space (instead of Medium) and wanted everything in Markdown.

I wanted to use React to sink my teeth into it after some time away. I read about NextJS often and thought it would work well for the page routing, styling, and a few features I'll talk about below.

I initially used my own CSS as I hadn't played with TailwindCSS before. When I ripped my own out and used Tailwind, I lit a fire on my productivity, I was happy I started using it.

NextJS + Nextra

NextJS had a learning curve which I was impatient with, I really wanted to have this site up and running, but I wanted it to look good and function a little bit differently than the template.

Concepts I initially didn't understand were

  • _app.tsx and _document.tsx files, both are injected into each page creation
  • css modules, that came easily
  • Images having their own component, can't use img tag - this is actually better because Images don't need to be compressed and auto lazy loading
  • Links having their own component

Once I had the hang of NextJS I liked the routing, styles, page setup, image compression, and build process with Vercel.

I found a great document themed template called Nextra (opens in a new tab) - this appears to be build by the Vercel team, (opens in a new tab) seems to have crated it and is the main contributor, thanks Shu Ding!

Thanks for reading

Let me know your feedback on the site, I'm looking to improve and would like your feedback!