Lens Protocol

  • Relationships (followers) are NFT's on Polygon between follower and followee
  • Removes the need
  • Social graph used as a
  • Credit and reputation systems
  • Not locked into a service provider - applications will be incentivised to provide the best experience

Modularised protocol. Each type

  • Pay to follow, subscribe to follow, contribute to protocol
  • Pay to follow a creator + follower collects fees from followers

Current - Web 2

  • platforms are competing for attention
  • platforms

Future - Web 3

  • Users aren't locked in to 1 platform, their content and relationships are on chain and transferrable
  • Product builders are looking to build the best outcomes for the user
  • Web3 (Lens Protocol) provides the social graph infrastructure
  • Everyone else builds ontop of the protocol
    • front-end applications
    • recommendation engines
    • content indexers


  • creator funding
  • collection modules
  • content drop to audience

What is it

  • Lens Protocol: A Decentralized Social Graph. Imagine Facebook's underlying infrastructure being open, transparent, and configurable by any application wanting to use it.

How it works

  • Lens is a protocol (built with Smart Contracts) on Polygon
  • Being a protocol means the team at Lens don't provide an application like the Facebook app for users to login and post/create content
  • Being a protocol means anyone can create a website using Lens as the back-end engine to explore, follow, like, subscribe
  • Lens uses NFT's to represent profiles, relationships, and content. Me being friends with you - that's an NFT. A post, that's an NFT

How it's different

  • Users own their content
  • Users own their relationships
  • Offers features like content drops, content collection, creator funding

Why it's important? Relationships

  • Web2 platforms have you locked into a platform. Tweeters make Twitter valuable, but Tweeters aren't paid by Twitter. If a Tweeter wants to leave Twitter, they can't bring their audience with them.
  • Lens relationships are tokenized and onchain and not owned or locked into a platform. Content
  • Similarly, your Tweets are on Twitter. Your Facebook posts are on... Facebook!
  • Lens mints NFT's for content, your content is public and on-chain Incentiviation features

How this changes the game? Web3 social changes how users interact with content Algorithms

  • Now: Twitter, Meta, Google etc, own/manage the algorithms that display content. The Web2 social graph is THE business model, it's a competition for a user's attention. Web2 platforms are incentivised to display content by advertisers
    • Limitation: Users on Twitter see advertising and users who promote their posts more than other content.

Meet Web3 social

  • Base protocol is the social graph infrastructure.

    • Benefit: user selects algorithm


Business model

Current apps ``